Here's What They Never Tell You About Getting Fit.

If you start a fitness program, there's one thing they never tell you:

Exercise is the easy part.

No, working out isn't inherently easy. Getting up early to run is hard sometimes. Going to the studio after a long day at work can be tough. Staying on the mat for a full hour of flexibility training can be difficult. Doing the conditioning and strength building you need for a solid invert is challenging.

But when you look at changing healthy habits overall, exercise is the easy part. It's putting in the effort for an hour or so each day, then checking it off the list.

It's food that gets you.

We make decisions at every meal, with every bite, that can get us closer or further away from our pole goals. That means that we have chances three, four, five times a day (maybe more?) to choose foods that support those goals--or that don't. Sometimes it feels like a battle between what we "should" eat and what we want to eat. And sometimes those wants tend to win out--over and over and over, until you feel like your food habits are totally off-track.

You can try to out-exercise a bad diet.

But at the end of the day, your fitness progress is only partially a result of your exercise and hugely connected to your diet. If you're not looking at your nutrition, you're not reaching your full potential in fitness.

And your food choices aren't just about having visible abs. Your food could be impacting your digestive health, your quality of sleep, your mood, and much more. It's essential to know what fuels your body best--both for fitness purposes, and for overall health.

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