Key Lime Pie Bites + How To Use Collagen Powder

healthy key lime pie snack bites

Did you know that key lime pie is good for pole dancers?

Well...this version is, at least! I put together this recipe in my latest post for Bad Kitty. These Key Lime Pie Bites are tasty, healthy, and contain a special ingredient that's perfect for supporting your joints when you're doing a lot of pole or flexibility training: collagen powder.

Recipe: Granola Breakfast Cookies

Granola Breakfast Cookies

Kind of ugly, right? Well, despite the fact that these lumpy cookies aren't the most amazing to look at, the taste will surprise you. These a deliciously dense baked goods are like a cross between a granola bar and a cookie--substantial enough to be a solid snack, but sweet enough to feel like you're having a treat. They're perfect to have on hand for a speedy breakfast when you're running out the door.