Freezer-Friendly Smoothie Kits

You know how sometimes you get home from work or the gym or whatever and you're so hungry that the only solution seems to be to eat everything in the house?

Slices of cheddar cheese right off the block? Perfect.

Handfuls of chocolate chips directly out of the bag? Sold.

Half a box of Cheez-Its? Done.

All of the above? (because, when combined together, they obviously constitute a well-balanced meal, right?). Yep.

Smoothie Prep Tips for Busy People

Green smoothies are one of my favorite foods to recommend to busy people who are trying to eat better. Toss some fruit and spinach into the blender and you're just about ready to go with a tasty and nutritious snack or meal! But even though smoothies are relatively quick and easy, I know my clients sometimes still struggle to integrate them into their routines regularly.

With a little advance preparation, smoothies can be about as quick as grabbing a Poptart on your way out the door (and I guarantee that they'll be way more filling and better for your PoleBody too!).

Recipe: Pink Pineapple Smoothie

Pink Pineapple Smoothie

I sometimes use this recipe to introduce green smoothie newbies to these healthy drinks. This one runs on the sweet side, but still manages to sneak in a big handful of greens and plenty of healthy fats. Chia seeds and flax offer extra fiber and nutrition, but this smoothie is perfectly fine without them. (If you do want to pick some up, most grocery stores carry them now.)