meal prep

Common Meal Prep Mistakes

I could spend hours touting the benefits of having a weekly meal prep session, but I'll keep it brief:

Prepping at least some food to eat throughout the week keeps you healthier, saner, and tends to seriously cut down on food waste. (Ever opened your vegetable drawer and found those weird neglected foods getting slimy in the bottom of it? Yeah.)

How To Do A One Hour Mini Meal Prep Session

While I'd like to say that I spend every Sunday prepping a week's worth of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and nutritious snacks (plus maybe some freezer meals for later on), the reality is it often just doesn't happen. This has been one of those weeks. We're doing whole bunch of house projects right now, so I'm spending all my time talking to contractors, scheduling estimates, and clearing out closets (on top of the usual life craziness). Meal prep took a definite trip to the back burner. And while that's okay for a little while, it really starts to take a toll on me eventually.