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3 Simple Tips for Healthier Summer Eating

When summertime rolls around, I find that some aspects of healthy eating get easier (so much delicious fresh produce! veggies on the grill! farmers markets!) while other areas of nutrition seem to become a little bit...neglected. While you might be filling your home up with lots of fruit and veggies, you might also find yourself saying yes to a lot of activities that aren't necessarily in line with your goals. Spontaneous ice cream stops! Days spent lounging at a favorite brewery! Meals that consistent entirely of watermelon!

It happens.

Sweet Summer Treats: Popsicles for Pole Dancers

It's summer in my part of the world, which means that we're always looking for ways to beat the heat. (And in July in Virginia, there's plenty of that). One of my favorite ways to stay cool is by making healthy homemade popsicles to keep in the freezer. These recipes are super easy to whip up in your kitchen and so delicious.

Common Meal Prep Mistakes

I could spend hours touting the benefits of having a weekly meal prep session, but I'll keep it brief:

Prepping at least some food to eat throughout the week keeps you healthier, saner, and tends to seriously cut down on food waste. (Ever opened your vegetable drawer and found those weird neglected foods getting slimy in the bottom of it? Yeah.)