What To Do When You Can’t Meet Your Pole Goals

The end of the year tends to be the time when we all evaluate our progress. We think about our goals, determine what went well, and, sometimes, discover that we came up short in some areas. Whether you're looking at your pole, health, or just general life goals, there tend to be times when you feel completely stagnant. So what do you do?

Here's What They Never Tell You About Getting Fit.

If you start a fitness program, there's one thing they never tell you:

Exercise is the easy part.

No, working out isn't inherently easy. Getting up early to run is hard sometimes. Going to the studio after a long day at work can be tough. Staying on the mat for a full hour of flexibility training can be difficult. Doing the conditioning and strength building you need for a solid invert is challenging.

Journey to Splits: Weeks 1-8

You know those people who say who say that they used to be flexible as kids, or or that they just "lost their splits" after neglecting them for a while?

I am not one of those people.

(Okay, while I'm sure that I was probably more flexible as a kid, I still was never one of those kids who had amazing splits or anything like that).