Journey to Splits: Weeks 9-16

Want to catch up on the beginning of my journey? Read about my first eight weeks here.

Now that another eight weeks of training have passed, I wanted to do an update about my splits progress. I get a lot of questions about my flexibility training, especially around how frequently I stretch, so I thought I would break down what I worked on this time through.

Key Lime Pie Bites + How To Use Collagen Powder

healthy key lime pie snack bites

Did you know that key lime pie is good for pole dancers?

Well...this version is, at least! I put together this recipe in my latest post for Bad Kitty. These Key Lime Pie Bites are tasty, healthy, and contain a special ingredient that's perfect for supporting your joints when you're doing a lot of pole or flexibility training: collagen powder.

Journey to Splits: Weeks 1-8

You know those people who say who say that they used to be flexible as kids, or or that they just "lost their splits" after neglecting them for a while?

I am not one of those people.

(Okay, while I'm sure that I was probably more flexible as a kid, I still was never one of those kids who had amazing splits or anything like that).

Food for Flexibility

You have opportunities every day to ensure that your diet supports your pole goals.

If one of those goals happens to be increased flexibility, you’re in luck – certain foods (and food groups) are known for having benefits that can help you get that bendy body.

Learn more about which foods are helping--and hindering--your flexibility goals by checking out my latest post for PoleFreaks.com.