What To Do When You Can’t Meet Your Pole Goals

The end of the year tends to be the time when we all evaluate our progress. We think about our goals, determine what went well, and, sometimes, discover that we came up short in some areas. Whether you're looking at your pole, health, or just general life goals, there tend to be times when you feel completely stagnant. So what do you do?

Journey to Splits: Weeks 9-16

Want to catch up on the beginning of my journey? Read about my first eight weeks here.

Now that another eight weeks of training have passed, I wanted to do an update about my splits progress. I get a lot of questions about my flexibility training, especially around how frequently I stretch, so I thought I would break down what I worked on this time through.

Key Lime Pie Bites + How To Use Collagen Powder

healthy key lime pie snack bites

Did you know that key lime pie is good for pole dancers?

Well...this version is, at least! I put together this recipe in my latest post for Bad Kitty. These Key Lime Pie Bites are tasty, healthy, and contain a special ingredient that's perfect for supporting your joints when you're doing a lot of pole or flexibility training: collagen powder.