Free May PoleBody Planner

April is just about behind us, which means it's time to refocus for May. Setting clear goals at the beginning of the month (whether they're pole, lifestyle, health or other goals) is essential to making sure that you don't find yourself blinking in confusion in another thirty days or so, wondering how the month ended without you having a chance to get anything done. If you need some tips on getting those goals lined up, click here.

To help you on your way, I've updated your PoleBody Planner for May! This offers tiny tidbits of daily inspiration, helping you make small, healthy choices every single day.

And, as minor as they may seem, those choices are what add up to make big, lasting changes in your life. Drinking that extra glass of water, packing that healthy lunch, doing that weekly PoleBody Prep, portioning out those nutritious snacks...All those things that might seem small or tedious at the time are truly what add up to create your new, healthier lifestyle.

Click here (or on the image below) to grab a full-sized printable PDF that you can keep on hand at home.