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Paige Pole

My name is Paige Lysaght Welch, and I'm the creator of PoleBody.

I'm a health coach who studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I'm certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, and I've picked up some additional training along the way in culinary nutrition and the Quantum Coaching Method. Plus, in over five years of coaching, I've gotten quite a bit of hands-on experience too.

To round it out, I'm also an AFAA certified Group Fitness Instructor, pole fitness instructor, Spin City Certified Stretch & Flexibility Instructor, certified PiYo instructor, and, of course, pole enthusiast.

I created PoleBody because I found that pole fitness was the first exercise experience that really inspired me to start transforming my life and my body.

It motivated me to begin eating better, taking care of myself, and really putting my health coaching knowledge to work on a personal level.

I found that many of my classmates were in a similar boat--they'd found the fitness element that worked for them, but hadn't necessarily figured out the food and lifestyle factors yet. PoleBody is here to help fill in those gaps, helping you eat (and live!) for energy, strength, and flexibility.

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